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Sunday 31st October - Saturday 6th November 2010

János Oláh

There are not many places in the World where you can see the endangered Red-breasted Goose and the vulnerable Lesser White-fronted Goose within a short bird watching break, but Hungary in November certainly offers this possibility! Our 2010 ‘Hungary in Autumn’ was a great success as we managed to track down both of these rarities and had a very fine supporting cast as well. Prior to our tour some genuinely cold weather brought hordes of Greater White-fronted Geese from Russia but in terms of weather we were lucky as almost the whole tour was blessed with sunny, clear days, which aided our goose observations. In the Zemplén Hills we saw seven species of woodpeckers including the enigmatic White-backed and managed to find both Ural and Eurasian Eagle Owls. Ural Owl was so popular that it became the Bird of the trip! Hungary is a well-established European destination to witness the autumn spectacle of tens of thousands of Common Cranes. Although November is getting a little late for Cranes we still managed to see about 16,000 of them! Other trip highlights were magnificent Great Bustards, a Long-eared Owl roost of 86 birds, Pygmy Cormorants and Ferruginous Ducks and many raptors, including: Saker; Long-legged and Rough-legged Buzzards as well as both Imperial and White-tailed Eagles. In short the 2010 trip was the most successful Birdquest Hungary in Autumn ever!