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Sunday 3rd May - Thursday 14th May 2009

János Oláh

Our classic Eastern European bird tour of Hungary, Slovakia & Transylvania has proved a great success ever since we launched it back in 2000. It offers a wide range of exciting bird species plus also takes you to some of the last refuges of nature in our home continent! The vast grassland of the Hortobágy National Park, the rolling Zemplén foothills of the Carpathians and the high altitude coniferous forests of Transylvania are among the finest bird watching places in Europe and a visit to these magnificent areas is without a doubt a great experience. This was Birdquest’s sixth visit to Hungary, Slovakia and Romania within one tour. Hungary is well-established as one of the prime birding destinations in Europe and both Slovakia and Transylvania certainly offer an additional selection of exciting specialities. This tour transects the Carpathian Mountains, foothills and lowland in search of the marvellous Wallcreeper at the higher elevations to the skulking Aquatic Warbler of the lowland marshes. Raptors are abundant and include: Saker; Red-footed Falcon and both Eastern Imperial and White-tailed Eagles. There is also the prospect of all the European woodpeckers, an excellent selection of owls and a series of interesting “back-up” species such as Western Capercaillie, Little Crake, Corncrake, Great Bustard, Moustached Warbler, Collared Flycatcher etc. Equally welcome is the opportunity to look for Carpathian Brown Bears in Transylvania.