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Sunday 9th March - Friday 21st March 2008

Tony Clarke

The latest Birdquest to these islands was, like the others, a considerable success as far as endemic species and subspecies were concerned. All the widely recognized species – Cape Verde Shearwater, Cape Verde Swift, Raso Lark, Cape Verde Warbler and Iago Sparrow were easily located, as were most of the following Boyd’s Shearwater, Bourne’s Heron, Cape Verde Buzzard, Alexander’s Kestrel, Neglected Kestrel and Cape Verde Owl. Add to this the species new to the Birdquest list for the islands which included Glossy Ibis, American Purple Gallinule and Little Ringed Plover and you can see that this trip was another great tour to these rather remote islands. 58 species is a reasonable total for the islands but as always a major bias towards seabirds and waders was obvious in the checklist.