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Wednesday 7th June - Saturday 24th June 2017


The holy grail of the Brazilian Amazon, the little-known Rondonia Bushbird (Eduardo Patrial)

The holy grail of the Brazilian Amazon, the little-known Rondonia Bushbird (Eduardo Patrial)

What an impressive and rewarding tour it was this inaugural Brazil’s Southwestern Amazonia. Sixteen days of fine Amazonian birding, exploring some of the most fascinating forests and campina habitats in three different Brazilian states: Rondonia, Amazonas and Acre. We recorded over five hundred species (536) with the exquisite taste of specialties from the Rondonia and Inambari endemism centres, respectively east bank and west bank of Rio Madeira. At least eight Birdquest lifer birds were acquired on this tour: the rare Rondonia Bushbird; Brazilian endemics White-breasted Antbird, Manicore Warbling Antbird, Aripuana Antwren and Chico’s Tyrannulet; also Buff-cheeked Tody-Flycatcher, Acre Tody-Tyrant and the amazing Rufous Twistwing. Our itinerary definitely put together one of the finest selections of Amazonian avifauna, though for a next trip there are probably few adjustments to be done. The pre-tour extension campsite brings you to very basic camping conditions, with company of some mosquitoes and relentless heat, but certainly a remarkable site for birding, the Igarapé São João really provided an amazing experience. All other sites visited on main tour provided considerably easy and very good birding. From the rich east part of Rondonia, the fascinating savannas and endless forests around Humaitá in Amazonas, and finally the impressive bamboo forest at Rio Branco in Acre, this tour focused the endemics from both sides of the medium Rio Madeira. Check out the summary of our result: Grey and Cinereous Tinamous, Black and Black-and-white Hawk-Eagles, Sungrebe, Ocellated Crake, Hoatzin, Pavonine and Black-bellied Cuckoos, Amazonian Pygmy Owl, Great Potoo, Least and Sand-colored Nighthawks, Rufous Nightjar, Great-billed and Needle-billed Hermits, Green-tailed Goldenthroat, Pavonine Quetzal, Broad-billed Motmot, White-throated, Blue-necked, Bluish-fronted, Bronzy, Paradise and Great Jacamars, White-necked, Brown-banded, Chestnut-capped, Spotted, White-eared and Western Striolated Puffbirds, Yellow-billed Nunbird, Black-girdled, Gilded and Lemon-throated Barbets, Lettered, Red-necked, Brown-madibled, Curl-crested and Chestnut-eared Aracaris, Golden-collared and Gould’s Toucanets, Rufous-breasted and Fine-barred Piculets, Yellow-throated, Golden-green, Scaly-breasted, Chestnut, Rufous-headed, Ringed, Red-necked and Crimson-crested Woodpeckers, Cryptic and Lined Forest Falcons, Tui, Cobalt-winged and Golden-winged Parakeets, Orange-cheeked, White-bellied and Short-tailed Parrots, Kawall’s Amazon, Crimson-bellied, Santarem, Black-capped, Peach-fronted and Dusky-headed Parakeets, Red-bellied, Blue-headed, Chestnut-fronted and Scarlet Macaws, Plain Softtail, Point-tailed Palmcreeper, Peruvian Recurvebill, Brown-rumped Foliage-gleaner, White-chinned, Spot-throated, Uniform, Bar-bellied, Hoffmanns’s, Inambari and Rondonia Woodcreepers, Curve-billed Scythebill, Bamboo, Glossy, Natterer’s Slaty, Pearly, Dusky-throated and Saturnine Antshrikes, Rondonia Bushbird, Madeira Stipple-throated (including Roosevelt S-t) and Ihering’s (Bamboo) Antwrens, Aripuana and Predicted Antwrens, Banded, Riparian, Black, Manu, Yellow-browed, Black-chinned, White-lined, Humaita, Rufous-faced, Ferruginous-backed, Goeldi’s, Sooty, White-throated, White-breasted Hary-crested and Dot-backed Antbirds, Black-spotted Bare-eye, Rufous-crowned Elaenia, Ringed Antpipit, Chico’s Tyrannulet, Sharp-tailed Grass Tyrant, Acre, Zimmer’s and Johannes’s Tody-Tyrants, Long-crested Pygmy-Tyrant, White-cheeked and Buff-cheeked Tody-Flycatchers, Brownish and Rufous Twistwings, Cinnamon-crested Spadebill, Pale-bellied Mourner, Citron-bellied Attila, Black-necked Red Cotinga, Spangled and Black-faced Cotingas, Sulphur-bellied Tyrant-Manakin, Blue-backed, Black, Blue-crowned, Snow-capped, Flame-crested and Fiery-capped Manakins, Amazonian Royal Flycatcher, Varzea Schiffornis, White-browed Purpletuft, Azure-naped (Campina) Jay, Black-collared and White-banded Swallows, Para Gnatcatcher, Buff-rumped Warbler, Red-billed Pied Tanager, Black-masked Finch, Dark-throated Seedeater and Yellow-shouldered Grosbeak.