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Saturday 6th August - Friday 26th August 2011

Eustace Barnes

Sun Parakeets (Eustace Barnes)

Sun Parakeets (Eustace Barnes)

The Amazon rainforests are always a spectacular if challenging habitat for birders and our experiences provided no exceptions. Our itinerary took us back and forth across two major biogeographic boundaries in northern Amazonia; the Rio Negro and Rio Branco. This gave us a substantial number of species to search for and we ended up finding all the white-sand forest (campinas) and flooded forest (varzea and igapó) endemics and specialities. The terra firme forests are always tough but we did manage to see most of the Guianan Shield endemics. In total we recorded over 500 species from the Amazonian river islands to the campinas, varzea and terra firma forests and the open savannas and wetlands of Roraima. In that incredible total we recorded 21 raptors, 29 parrots, 19 hummingbirds, 9 puffbirds, 10 toucans and barbets, 15 species of woodpeckers, 15 species of woodcreepers, 51 antbirds and 15 cotingas and manakins. We enjoyed great views of some of he most difficult species to see in the Amazon and some of the rarest in the open country of Roraima including the Sun Parakeet. In addition we recorded 16 species of mammals including the endangered Pied Tamarin and the bizarre Giant Anteater. It is undoubtedly one of those regions to which I could happily return time and again and each and every time it would be different.